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Al-Anon8/21/20177:00 PM8:30 PMGood Shepherd 1 & 2
Depression Support8/21/20177:00 PM8:30 PMMeeting Room 14
CAPstone8/22/20179:15 AM11:45 AMAdult/Education Library Room, Nursery Room
CAPstone - Nursery Overflow8/22/20179:15 AM11:45 AMMeeting Room 9&10
Library Open8/22/20171:00 PM4:00 PMAdult/Education Library Room
Eucharistic Adoration8/22/20173:00 PM6:00 PMChapel
Weekday Mass/Reconciliation8/22/20176:30 PM7:30 PMChapel
AA Tuesday Nighters8/22/20177:00 PM8:30 PMGood Shepherd 1 & 2
Depression Coalition8/22/20177:00 PM8:30 PMSocial Hall
Weekday Mass/Adoration8/23/20177:00 AM12:00 PMChapel
Staff Meeting8/23/201712:00 PM12:30 PMAdult/Education Library Room
Depression Coalition Meeting8/23/20171:00 PM4:00 PMAdult/Education Library Room
Finance Council Meeting8/23/20176:30 PM8:30 PMShared Ministry Room
Summer Bible Study8/23/20177:00 PM8:30 PMAdult/Education Library Room
Weekday Mass8/24/20177:00 AM7:30 AMChapel
Nursery Open8/24/20179:00 AM11:30 AMNursery Room
Summer Bible Study8/24/20179:30 AM11:00 AMAdult/Education Library Room
Stephen Ministry8/24/20176:00 PM9:30 PMAdult/Education Library Room
Cenacle of Divine Mercy8/24/20176:30 PM8:30 PMGood Shepherd 1 & 2
Yoga w/ Christian Meditation8/24/20176:30 PM8:00 PMLarge Group A, B, & C
Marion Rosary8/24/20177:00 PM7:30 PMChapel
Divine Mercy Cenacle8/25/20179:45 AM11:45 AMGood Shepherd 1 & 2
Weekday Mass/Adoration8/25/201712:00 PM5:30 PMChapel
Weekday Mass/Reconciliation8/26/20178:00 AM9:00 AMChapel
Al-Anon8/26/20179:30 AM11:00 AMGood Shepherd 1 & 2
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