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Nursery Open8/17/20194:45 PM6:15 PMNursery Room
Weekend Mass8/17/20195:00 PM6:00 PMWorship Space
Donut Sunday8/18/20197:00 AM2:00 PMKitchen, Social Hall A, Social Hall B
Nursery Open8/18/20197:45 AM1:15 PMNursery Room
Weekend Mass8/18/20198:00 AM9:00 AMWorship Space
Weekend Mass8/18/201910:00 AM11:00 AMWorship Space
Noon Music Rehearsal8/18/201911:15 AM12:00 PMWorship Space
Weekend Mass8/18/201912:00 PM1:00 PMWorship Space
Baptisms8/18/20191:15 PM2:30 PMWorship Space
5:30 PM Music Group Rehearsal8/18/20194:45 PM5:30 PMWorship Space
Weekend Mass8/18/20195:30 PM6:15 PMWorship Space
Puddle Jumpers Childcare8/19/20197:00 AM6:00 PMNursery Room, Preschool Room 2
Preschool8/19/20199:00 AM3:00 PMFirst Quad, Meeting Room 11&12, Meeting Room 5&6
Weekday Mass8/19/201912:00 PM12:30 PMChapel
Eucharistic Adoration8/19/201912:30 PM9:30 PMChapel
Just Faith Management Mtg.8/19/20196:30 PM8:00 PMMeeting Room 1
Alanon8/19/20197:00 PM8:30 PMGood Shepherd 1 & 2, Meeting Room 10, Meeting Room 3, Meeting Room 4, Meeting Room 9
Depression Support8/19/20197:00 PM8:30 PMMeeting Room 14
Puddle Jumpers Childcare8/20/20197:00 AM6:00 PMNursery Room, Preschool Room 2
Preschool8/20/20199:00 AM3:00 PMFirst Quad, Meeting Room 11&12, Meeting Room 5&6
Wit and Wisdom Coffee8/20/201910:30 AM12:00 PMGood Shepherd 1 & 2, Kitchen
Weekday Mass8/20/201912:00 PM12:30 PMChapel
Eucharistic Adoration8/20/201912:30 PM6:00 PMChapel
Individual Reconciliation8/20/20196:15 PM6:45 PMChapel
Parish Health Meeting8/20/20197:00 PM8:00 PMMeeting Room 14
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